• The patient and guardian should explain the patient's symptoms to the doctor sufficiently and in detail, and always ask if you have questions.
    • Always ask the purpose of the examination and if there are any side effects from it.
  • Have a family doctor.
    • Because the patient's medical history is systemized, the risk of medical accidents can be reduced drastically
  • When going straight to the emergency room, sufficiently explain the patient's condition and anamnesis.
    • If the patient is injured or has an ailment, the guardian should sufficiently explain to the doctor how the injury occurred or the degree of the ailment and treatment period, in order to provide appropriate emergency measures and to prevent side effects.
  • Give birth at the hospital that you received examinations during pregnancy.
    • The child's development and mother's nutritional conditions can be checked consistently, and sudden child delivery or emergency situations can be prepared for through accurate patient administration.
  • Always prepare a necklace or identification tag for the mother.
    • There is a possibility that the pregnancy may not be known of and thus exposed to radiation or drugs that may be harmful to the baby.


  • Promptly and accurately acquire the medical records.
    • This prevents destruction of evidence and becomes the basis for fact-finding in medical lawsuits.
  • Make records of the incident by hour
    • Because with the passage of time, it may become difficult to remember, so write down the facts about the clinical treatment by hour. It can be the basis for contending against the credibility of medical records in the future.
  • Consult with a medical attorney
    • There is a high risk for medical accidents to develop into medical disputes, and once a medical dispute occurs, you can find solutions from attorneys who have technical expertise as well as experience in medical lawsuits.
  • - Please refrain from using emotional actions (verbal or physical violence)
    • You may be fined for civil or criminal indemnities such as obstruction of justice and violence, or even be criminally charged

Source : Medical Accident Consulting Center

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