Public Transportation

  • Bus

    Applied bus information system and installed GPS (global positioning systems) in the bus and connected to satellites. When the information of the bus is sent to the traffic information center, it relays the information to the bus information guide installed at the bus stop or through the internet, PDA or mobile phone to provide information on bus arrival times.

  • Taxi

    Brand taxis, call taxis, and taxis for the disabled are available. Brand taxis refer to differentiated taxis equipped with high-tech call systems, navigation, credit card terminals, receipt issuers, and feel-safe services in order to provide high quality services and establish a call-taxi culture. For details, check Daejeon Traffic Information

  • Metro

    Korea Daejeon Metro Map

  • Airports
    • Incheon International Airport – Incheon International Airport is a complete airport with high-tech facilities and the best 'soft' power praised by the world. It uses high-tech ubiquitous technologies for quick and convenient departure and arrival services, and also offers unique cultural arts contents and great convenience facilities.
    • Cheongju International Airport – This is an international airport in central Korea. Trains and airport limousines between Daejeon and Cheongju International Airport are running.

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