International Mail (EMS)

EMS is an international male service that delivers urgent letters, documents and parcels overseas in the quickest and safest manner. Such mail is handled according to the special agreement made with the official male service of the respective country. For details (conditions (dimensions, fees, weight)/passing customs/tracing male, etc),
please call 1588-1300. You may track delivery after sending international mail (EMS, airmail, registered mail) at the international mail customer satisfaction center at the post office call center.
(Tel. 02-2108-0050~60) When contacting from overseas International mail logistics center
(Tel. 82-2-2108-0051~0059)

Korean International Mail (EMS)
Daejeon International Exchange Center

Living information, consulting services via experts and related institutes, educational programs geared towards the Korean language and Korean culture, experience-based programs such as tree-planting events and history and culture exploration, festivals for foreigners, etc are provided to foreigners who are living in or visiting Daejeon.

Daejeon International Exchange Center
Main Operations
  • Support for life in Korea for foreigners visiting and residing in Korea
  • Korean multi-cultural and globalization understanding education
  • Information and consulting for life in Korea, laws, medicine, labor, etc
  • Events and festivals
  • Provide information on tourism and cultural life
  • Volunteer support for life in Korea
  • Support for foreigner community activities
  • Provide rest space
  • Youth and citizen multi-culture understanding education
  • Education and cultural experience activities on the Korean language, Korean food, Korean music, history and culture
Emergency phone number
  • Telephone Directory : 114
  • Police : 112
  • Emergencies and Safety Center : 119
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