Business Hours
  • 9am – 4pm (closed on weekends and holidays) (ATM closed from 10:30pm to 7am)
  • Documents needed for foreigners to open bank account : Alien registration card


When wiring overseas
  • Wiring Procedure : No restrictions for wiring less than 1,000 US dollars
Wiring Method
  • Telegraph Transfer (TT): The most commonly used method when wiring large sums of money or when urgent
  • Demand Draft (DD): Use when sending small sums of money or when time is not of the essence
Necessary Documents

foreign exchange transfer application, alien registration card, and other documents as may be necessary for the purpose of the transfer
ex) Additional documents when transferring wages of foreign laborers

  • Employment contract or employment certificate
  • Documents testifying domestic income
  • Passport or visa
  • Documents proving tax payment verified by the employer (not applicable for illegal immigrants and industrial trainees)
  • Tax payment receipt (in the case of self-employed persons)
Information needed when wiring money
  • Wire applicant's name, address, telephone number / recipient's name, address, telephone number, recipient's bank name, bank address (city, state/province, country), account number, SWIFT CODE, bank code
  • The foreign exchange transfer/payment application must be filled out in English and the English spelling and account number of the recipient must be accurate. The name on the account name and the name of the recipient must be the same The recipient's bank name, branch name and country name must be filled out in the foreign exchange transfer application Wiring to some countries such as Myanmar, Libya, Iran and Sudan not permitted
When receiving wire transfers from overseas
  • Information that must be notified to the person overseas wiring money: Recipient's bank name, address of bank headquarters, account number, SWIFT CODE, name of recipient in English
Documents needed when making receipt for overseas wire transfers
  • Documents that can prove reason for making receipt wire transfer (export contract, labor contract, etc) ※ However, necessary documents may differ depending on the amount of the wire transfer, so please check with your bank in advance.
Currency Exchange
  • Available currency exchange types: Foreign cash, traveler's check
  • Necessary documents: Passport
  • Amount that can be exchanged: Taxes applied when exchanging amounts over 10,000 US dollars
  • Location: Any bank in the nation
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