Daejeon Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Visa

This visa is issued to foreigners and their family members who register as inpatients in medical or rehabilitation facilities in Korea for treatment of disease or recuperation.

Medical Tourism Visa of South Korea

Place for applying issuing visas

  • Republic of Korea embassies or consulates

Issue To

  • Person who intend to become an inpatient at a medical or rehabilitation center in Korea for the purpose of treatment of disease or recuperation according to the invitation from a medical institution for foreign patients or a registrant of it as per 「Medical Service Law」
  • C3(M): Less than 90 days of treatment and travel (simple treatment including plastic surgery and beauty therapy)
  • G1(M): 1 year (long-term treatment and rehabilitation)

Issuance procedure

  • Foreign nationals confirm residence qualifications that match their purpose of entry and submit the accompanying documents to the diplomatic mission abroad.
  1. Attach the required documents
  2. Receipt
  3. Audit
  4. Request for
  5. Review
  6. Acknowledgment
  7. Visa application/
  8. Grant

Documents to Submit

  • Copy of passport
  • A 3x4 photo
  • VISA issuance permission request
  • Proof document for medical purpose issued by medical institution
  • Proof document of expenses of treatment and stay
  • A copy of business license of medical institution or registrant for foreign patients (the 23rd or the 24th enclosed form of 「Rules for Operation of Medical Service Law」
  • Immigration job training certificate of medical institution or representative of the institution (‘director of concerned department for attracting foreign patients’ also accepted in case of corporations) or employee


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