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    • 대전 빵 축제 빵모았당
    Daejeon Bread Festival

    It is a festival where anyone who likes bread can enjoy bread from all over the country, including Daejeon, in one space. In addition, there are emotional top artist performances enjoyed with a variety of bread, and fun experience and event programs that can be participated by men and women of all ages.

    • 대전 0시 축제
    Daejeon 0 o'clock festival
    • Address : Jungang-ro (Daejeon Station-Daejeon Modern History Exhibition Hall) and the original downtown area

    It is a summer street culture and art festival that invigorates the original downtown of Daejeon, and it is a representative festival in Daejeon that enjoys the start of a new tomorrow at 0 o'clock, the meeting between yesterday and today. You can enjoy various events such as parades, performances, and competitions.

    • 대전사이언스페스티벌
    Daejeon Science Festival
    • Tel : 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) For more info: +82-42-250-1273
    • Address : Daejeon Convention Center, Expo Science Park
    • Homepage :

    Daejeon Science Festival is a science and culture festival held in Daejeon, the city of science and technology. Leading research centers funded by the government, universities, and companies specializing in cutting-edge technology located in the Daedeok R&D Special District participate in the festival to exhibit science and technology related contents, helping the people of Korea to understand the importance of science and children to develop an interest in science. With the theme of ‘Life Science’ the festival helps visitors to understand and experience science and technology in everyday life, allowing them to think about the importance of science in creating a better world.

    • 유성온천문화축제
    Yuseong Hot Springs Culture Festival

    Yuseong Hot Springs Culture Festival is a festival that carried over importance of Yuseong Hot Springs and Yuseong as science city for modern sense in 1989, and now, we will be hosting the 22nd festival this year in 2015. Based on origin and effects of Yuseong Hot Springs, the festival with ‘Hot Springs’ as a theme has begun, and ever since then, we have been operating festival programs that graft science and hot springs together so that Yuseong as science city could be well known. It has significant meaning that Yuseong Culture Festival has been made possible purely by citizens’ participation and leadership. Most of programs and experience booths have been also operated by volunteers that are actually residents.

    • 유성국화전시회
    Yuseong Chrysanthemum Exhibition

    In autumn, chrysanthemums are displayed in major parks in the city, such as Yurim Park, and the scent of chrysanthemums is presented to citizens. It exhibits chrysanthemums grown by employees themselves, and there are also various attractions such as chrysanthemum gardens, digital trails, public design works, landscape and poetry, chrysanthemum bonsai exhibitions, and various related events. It is a representative festival in Daejeon where both men and women of all ages can experience and heal while smelling the scent of chrysanthemums.

    • 대청호벚꽃축제
    Daecheong Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

    It is a festival that sympathizes with the nature of the "world's longest cherry blossom road" and heals through "harmony between flowers, ecology and people." The Daecheong Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, which was first held in 2019, is a representative spring festival in Daejeon that promotes the excellence of Daecheong Lake ecology with distinctive nature-friendly content.

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