Medical Information

What is Korean Oriental Medicine?

Ancient medical practices developed in Korea were researched and passed down by exchange with the nearby countries of China and Japan, which is today called Korean oriental medicine. Oriental medicine is a theory of analyzing visible symptoms. It is a theory in which the yin-yang theory and five elements theory was established by observing nature for a very long time and testing them on the human body. The treatment uses various methods including medicine, acupuncture and cupping to help restore the body’s normal state.


Difference of Oriental Medicine and Western Medicine

  • Western Medicine
    • Stress changes of tissues and organs
    • Stress external factors such as infections and external injuries
    • Chemical therapy, immune therapy, surgery
    • Treatment on area of lesion
    • Same treatment for same disease
  • Oriental medicine
    • Stress relation of mental activity with Zang and Fu
    • Stress internal factors such as irregular body functions
    • Acupuncture therapy, cupping therapy, Oriental medicine, dietary therapy
    • Stress the increase of natural restoration abilities
    • Different treatment for same disease according to individual person