Medical Information

Hospital for Women

Unlike the general perception that the gynecologist is a place for pregnant women, it is a women’s hospital that women of all age groups must visit. Understanding the importance of women’s health, it provides diagnosis in many different areas such as health examination for women, female diseases, and pregnancy and delivery. Post natal care centers, which are operated separately or together with the gynecologist clinic, strive for the health and safety of the mother and newborn.

여성을 위한 병원
Postnatal Care Center

This is a sanatorium specializing in postnatal care. Each postnatal care cened and operates programs needed by both the mother and newborn.


Consulting with experts on postnatal recovery, obesity management, skin management, classes on infant care, sufficient rest and maintaining psychological stability, breast management, hygiene management, postnatal depression management, etc


Implements 24 hour personal nurse system for health care of the infant with completely hygienic management, visitations of infants, breastfeeding facilities, regular inspections by pediatricians, etc