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Safe Ophthalmology Procedures

Generally, patients visit ophthalmologists for vision correction or to treat eye inflammation. However, despite the fact that most people have minor and major eye ailments, they do not visit ophthalmologists. In addition to vision correction, it is a good idea to visit the ophthalmologist to prevent both minor and major eye diseases. In addition, in the case of LASIK and LASEK, which are vision correction procedures, the frequency of side effects from the operation is less than 5%, and thus, there are world-class hospitals for this surgery in terms of safety and perfection.

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Areas of Treatment and Procedures

Vision Correction

LASIK is currently the most commonly used operation for correcting myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, and vision recovery is quick and painless after surgery, and is a safe procedure.


LASEK uses advanced technology to remove just the outer layer of the cornea without making a flap on the cornea. This is suitable for those with thin cornea and thus is unable to receive LASIK. In addition, it has very few side effects related to the cornea compared to LASIK.

Cataract Eye Disease

Presbyopia, glaucoma, dry eye, strabismus, amblyopia, pterygium, pinguecula, eye inflammation, VDT syndrome, etc