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  • The goal of comprehensive medical examinations is to find potential diseases that persons may not know about in advance for early treatment, and general health examinations inspects for diseases that are hard to find such as stomach cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. It is advisable to check additional items fitting to the individual health and age.
1. When easily feeling fatigue or losing weight for no apparent reason
2. When pain is felt continuously at one place in the body
3. When the back of the neck is sore or there are chest pains
4. When easily losing breath when climbing stairs
5. When severely thirsty and frequently urinating
6. Women who are easily exposed to risks of breast cancer, uterine cancer and osteoporosis
7. When having upset stomachs or frequent constipation or diarrhea
8. When wanting to receive accurate health examinations
9. Couples scheduled to be wed soon
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