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This visa is issued to foreigners and their family members who register as inpatients in medical or rehabilitation facilities in Korea for treatment of disease or recuperation.
Republic of Korea embassies or consulates
- Persons who intend to become an inpatient at a medical or rehabilitation center in Korea for the purpose of treatment of    disease or recuperation.
- The patient's spouse, children or other direct family members who come into the country to look after the patient.
- Other visa G1(M) issued to patients needing treatment or recuperation and their family member.
Foreigners must check the requirements of sojourn according to the purpose of coming into Korea and submit the necessary documents to the respective authorities.
- Evidentiary documents such as medical reports or medical references by doctors that explains the treatment or    rehabilitation.
- Documents to testify reservation for treatment or rehabilitation at a domestic medical or rehabilitation center.
- Documents proving the ability to make payments for treatment, rehabilitation and for expenses needed during sojourn    (medical insurance, savings and/or income statements, decisions to be made on the ability to pay for medical    expenses)
  ※ Conditions needed for making passports and visas may change at time. It is recommended that you check with the    embassy or consulate before departing to Korea. See e-government for foreigners.