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Daejeon, opened public relation in Russia a long with 5 daejeon medical institutions
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5 hospitals in Daejeon and Daejeon City held public relation in Russia to promote Daejeon medical institutes targeting the health minister of Sakhalin, agencies in Sakhalin and Khabarovsk, Buyers and medical officials.


During the visit from Aug 31 to Sep 2, Daejoen and institutions met the Sakhalin Health Minister and reached an agreement with him to conduct exchange medical training programs and open point of contact to discuss ways to vitalize Health and medical treatment in both countries.


In addition, Daejeon and ChungNam National Univ. hospital draw many people’s attention by hold briefing session to over 500 peoples involved in the agencies from Sakhalin and Khabarovsk, multinational insurance companies and Goryeo Newspaper etc.


“It was reliable because doctor from Korea described medical transcription directly and also I have plans to go to Korea in September with my family to get treatment in KONYANG Univ. hospital.” Natasha said who are Dolinsk residence and participated in exhibition.


And also the hospitals from Daejeon conducted treatment and medical consultation in local hospital for over 200 people, and about 100 patients showed interest Daejeon’s medical services and inquiry of reservation and medical check up were flooded to get the services.


A director of International centre for examination located in Sakhalin expressed his opinion that keep development of Health and medical treatment for both to build up cooperation with medical institutes through by medical training exchange programs and exchange latest medical information.


Recently, Since medical tour is an upward trend in Russia, Daejeon leads to build up the network to attract patients from Russia a long with medical institutes; Chungnam national Univ. Hospital, KONYANG Univ. Hospital, Daejeon Sun Hospital, BODA ophthalmology, Plus plastic surgery.


An Cheol Jung, Health Policy Division supervisor, emphasize focusing on diversify marketing strategies to pioneer new region such as Novosibirsk where it is good accessibility.