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A large Chinese tourist beat a path to Korea for customized Medical tourism
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Daejeon and Daejeon Marketing Enterprise held the Korea-Chinese cultural exchange program from July 22th 24th. Over 1,000 Chinese will visit Daejeon six times by the end of August.

Chinese students come to Daejeon with their parents during the summer vacation June to July. Daejeon and state-owned broadcasting have established a network and publicized Daejeon medical tourism through Chinese local advertisement to attract Chinese visitors.

On the first day, visitors had youth cultural exchange program in HWAJEONG elementary school and toured over Euneungjeongi which is cultural street in Eunhaen-dong, and enjoyed Music Fountain at the EXPO Science park.

On the second day, They had Medical check-up, Ophthalmology and Dentalist in 4 institutes include university hospital and special hospital. Chinese tour National science museum, Simulation experience at the social media Center and had foot bath in Youseong hot spring.

On the third day, They had more Korean cultural experience such as walking along a red clay road in Gyejoksan Mountain and Korean traditional music in Yeondong.

Park Joeng Yong, president of Hwajeong Elementary school, said “Korean and Chinese had been establishing friendship since long times ago. Today’s festival is great honor for two countries’ promising students who will be leader in the future. I hope that students build dreams to all over the world and respect each cultural and various lifestyle during the festival.

Liurar, head of press crops in Sandong broadcasting, gave an impression in return that we expect of Science and cultural experience in Daejeon that we forgot to feel tired coming all the way though.

An Cheol Jung, Health Policy Division supervisor, said "Chines visitors mostly focused on capital area like soul, but if local area equipped infrastructure and devise a plan to customized use, Local have enough potential to attract foreign tourist. We will develop package medical tour blended experience activities such as traditional cultural, science and medical check-up. It will be expected to boost Daejeon medical tour to draw more foreigners."

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