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Daejeon Marketing Enterprise devotes all energy to attract foreigner medical tourists.
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Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise(DIME) cooperated with Daejeon local colleges to boost medical tourism by giving foreigners several chances to participate in programs, DIME said on July 8th.

In this program, DIME will support medical check-ups and run in parallel with promotions about Daejeon Medical tourism for 47 Kazakhstans students invited from Solbridge international university.

Several merits were emphasized during the session; Daejeon has 70%~80% of the cost off compared to Seoul and Shorter waiting time. Through this program, Daejeon Medical tourism is expected to inform many foreigners.

Woosong University, which Solbridge international university is involved in, will provide for students a lecture about Korean business, and students will tour industries setting such as Samsung, KIA and attraction of Daejeon and Seoul during the program from July 8th to July 15th.

The enterprise has also organized several FAM Tour programs with 83 Pai Chai University students from 52 countries and achieved several promotional efforts through public communication.

Asia news agency