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Daejon held Korea Medical tourism camp with Russia
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Daejeon and Daejeon Marketing Enterprise organized the camp with 20 Russian youths from June 22 to July 6 to let them know about Daejeon through diverse experience of Korean Culture, Medical tour and Experience science which is well known in the city.

since 2013 Russian Youth Medical tourism camp of Korea held 3 to 4 times every summer with over 100 students. The camp has been managed 11 times so far and 350 Russian students came by Daejeon. Every year the camp is becoming famous through word-of-mouth.

Russian students will get a chance to experience Korean value in various programs such as medical check-up(dentistry, ophthalmology), Training activities(Zip-line, Survival game, Cooking Korean food), cultural tourism(Traditional market, Euneungjeongi, Gyejok mountain), Experience Science(tourism ETRI, Musium). Daejeon City has a strategy for steady inflow of visitors from Russia based on various types of program such as Russian school trip and Korea Medical Tourism Camp.

An Cheol Jung, Health Policy Division supervisor, said that “we can also expect that Russian visitors will be increased and improved city’s image, once Russian youth get back to their country with great memories in Daejeon. And we will also encourage the opportunity to broaden global network of medical tourism in diverse ways with Russia."

Asia Today/ Reporter_ Jeong, Da eun